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Miji Minis: Quail 🌸

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Introducing Ryōken Instinct's new and improved product - Miji Minis! Don't let these small bars fool you because they pack quite the punch! Made of whole ground ethically raised quail, these mini bars are completely balanced following the PMR (Prey Model Raw) diet guideline so you can feel confident feeding more of these treats as a daily training snack or treat!

Miji Minis were thoughtfully redesigned to be used as high value treats for training and sports and more! The tinier size allows for more frequent rewarding without overdoing on the calorie consumption.

Quail is an amazing alternative poultry to rotate into your dog’s diet especially for dogs with chicken allergies as it is found to have less allergens present in other proteins due to its scarcity in dog common dog diets.

  • Formulated for balanced nutrition following PMR diet
  • Highest percentage of digestible proteins compared to other meats while also having the lowest amount of fat which promotes joint health
  • Breakaway pieces to use as high value treats for training
  • Great source of calcium, vitamin E, B12 vitamins and niacin
  • Reduces risks of cancer and can heavily improve your pet's skin/coat health
  • Absolutely no preservatives, fillers, chemicals or salt

Humanely harvested whole quails including bones, quail livers, quail hearts, quail kidneys, quail lungs and feathers

Locally sourced from Northwest Quail Farm in Moses Lake, WA

Single weight per bar: approximately 1 oz


Crude Protein (Min): 38.7%

Crude Fat (Min): 8.3%

Crude Fiber (Max): 1.9%

Moisture (Max): 10.6%

Average calorie requirement for dogs is roughly 20cal per lb of your dog’s weight

144 kcal/kg
48.2 kcal/bar
~3.7 kcal/piece